Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia Review

تم التحديث: 19 أبريل 2020

The other day we had the whole family over and we watched Trevor Noah's new standup on Netflix called Son of Patricia. The stand-up was really good. Highly quality humor as always truth telling with humor attached.

All subjects from poverty, racism and going on holidays camping and family are discussed in this special just to name a few of the subjects covered.

With Trevor you are dealing with a highly intelligent person that tells you the facts in simple terms and you are not shocked by anything but are educated about the subjects and laugh about it

He also dishes on the President Donald Trump and talks about the incompetence that he has and also talks about the wall and mexico and solar panels this part is quite funny.

Trevor does a bit on immigration and immigrant food its quite true. Taco Tuesday :) lol

I am not sure what else to tell you but to go out and watch this its good family fun little ones should not watch i would say 13 and above


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