TV Show Review REWATCHED: Suits Season 8

For the last couple of weeks, I have got back into watching Suits as its been a long time as I was watching this before I had my subscription to Netflix and now that Netflix is back I am playing catch up to where I was up to.

This is the first season without Mike and Rachel after they got married and went away to their own lives.

This is also the first Season Rachel's Dad comes in as a season regular to becoming a partner to Harvey and Louis and Robert Zane brings in a secret new weapon Samantha Wheeler comes in as the new badass lawyer that comes from Zanes Ex law firm and she pulls no punches and takes no prisoners.

Samantha takes most of the season to build respect and becoming accepted to the Spector Litt part of the law firm.

On the Litt, Spector or Spector Litt part of the firm the new person that was brought in was Alex Williams Dule Hill.

Alex and Samantha in a main storyline of the season both fight for making partner in the law firm. So from 2 partners, we are going to 5. That math may not make sense but no spoilers whats the show and you will know what happens.

Going back for a second this season for me was a real concern as Rachel and Mike left and after Jessica Pearson left probably to go back to Zion to be with Morpheus. You would think that Harvey Louis and Donna have some big shoes to fill with only three original casts to pick up the show and keep it going. They do the show Justice and keep the show strong and the storylines are good and they build a powerful slow crescendo during the length of the 16 episode season.

With Robert Zane, Samatha Wheeler and Alex Williams joining the firm these are the new additional pillars that keep up the show and Katherine still did a strong job in her new role well since I have seen her since the movies that Katherine did Suits was a strong role ever since Izzy from Grey's Anatomy.

The other aspect I liked about this season was there was a fundamental error done by two of the show's characters that gave both characters and the firm a level of everyday humanity.

The show is still smart and sexy and does keep you thinking because business law can be full of twists and turns and full of technicalities that are crazier than a standard chess game.

The main storyline through all eight seasons of the show is all about bringing down the firm and how the team keeps it up and just above the water floating.

This time in the last episode of the show in season 8 named "Harvey" is all about as mentioned above how a character causes a major clerical error and this causes Harvey dead to rights on the firing squad to lose his license without going into spoiler details, how the team figures out or maybe they cannot save Harvey who knows you have to watch it to see what happens. The last episode is a must watch!!!

You have to put this on your Netflix list and it is binge-worthy if I had the time I would go back to the beginning and watch it from the start.

This is highly recommended and is a must-watch season 8 gets a strong 8/10

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